Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Inky Fun Video Play

Mists, Inks, Paints...

Ah yes! Love them and use them on most every project.
I am often asked which ones I prefer, why I prefer them, and how I use them. So, let's talk a little about that, shall we? (Hint: there is a video too!)
Below you can see my entire collection of mists:
What? Really? That's all I have in my stash? Yep!
Here's why:
  • I have go-to colors that I return to time and time again and I feel confident investing in a bottle of mist in said color because I know I will use it - and use it often.
  • I have my favorites and pick and choose between brands accordingly.
  • I love paper, and stickers, and embellishments, and stamps... and well - I don't want to put all of my $ into a mist basket!

Here is a fun little sheet showing all of the above in action:
Let's break that down...
  • Mister Huey Black: Hands down, my favorite black mist. Why? Once it is completely dry, you can write on it and doodle with a Signo. Love that!
  • Mister Huey Pinstripe: The BEST grey that I have tried. It isn't too dark, but dark enough to do it's job. It doesn't have shimmer so it's great for any project. It has enough brown in it that it can easily work with beige, black, or white. And misted on kraft? So divine is it's subtlety. 
  • Mister Huey Calico White: Oh goodness. White mist. I love the soft dreamy effect it gives, but can't stand how it doesn't really completely dry. I used to always keep some Calico White in my stash, and then I got tired of how it would rub off on things. So, now I just use white paint. However, I recently acquired a Dylusions White and I am happy to report that it seems to dry completely - even when doing droplets! YAY! (more on that in another post)
  • Heidi Swapp's Color Shine: This is my favorite brand for saturated, bright, crisp colors. When I tried Mister Huey's colors in the past, I found them to be a little more opaque than I would like. Heidi's colors are both bright, yet semi-transparent. I find those qualities lend themselves really well to all applications. The hint of shimmer is always nice too. Speaking of shimmer, I am not sure what I did before her Gold came out. It makes the most beautiful drops that, when dry, are REALLY dry! The only drawback to the Color Shine is that it is very difficult to write or draw on once dry. A fine misting, no problem. But droplets will not take the pen work. (I did see that she is coming out with a white and I can't wait to try that!)
  • Dylusions: I only have one color (it was a gift) and I am really happy with it! It doesn't do defined droplets as well as the others because it is much more thin and translucent. But, that has it's advantages as well! When I am out of my blue in the Color Shine, I plan on trying the Dylusions. 
  • Maya Mist: I am not sure if these are readily available any more. I am still working on a bottle of deep blue that I have had for quite some time. This is by far the most pigment saturated mist I have tried. In some cases that is wonderful, but it's not as multi-functional for me as the others. When it is empty, that will be that :)
Now, let's talk a little more about white. I use white paint of some sort on just about all of my projects. Also, I hardly ever use my mists without a bit of white in the action too.

Below, we have examples using the same stencil, applied with 3 different kinds of white paint to create a resist, all with the same Color Shine mist applied over:
  • Craft Paint: This is just the cheapy, not artist grade, craft paint that you can get at any big-box store. They are usually in little bottles, not tubes. You can see that when stenciled on and used as a resist for the mist, this gives the most subtle effect. The craft paint is more transparent than an artist-grade acrylic and doesn't quite have the same "slickness" when dry. Without that slickness, it resists less - but this can be lovely when it is the desired effect.
  • Gesso: Traditionally used by artists to prime their bare canvas before painting - thus... it has a bit of a "tooth" to it. This is fabulous for using as a resist when some unpredictable results are desired. It will resist, but will also hold some of the color in that "tooth."
  • Acrylic: Generally my favorite of the three, although I do use all of these quite frequently. Artist grade White Acrylic is beautifully opaque and dries with a lovely slickness to it. This creates a nice crisp resist. My go-to brand is Claudine Hellmuth for Ranger - in "Blank Canvas."
Alrighty! Now that I have chatted your ear off with that nitty gritty, let's take a look at all of that in action....

Making something...
Full of layers of mist, paint, ink, and doodles....
In a little video! Please have a look-see:

And there they are! The tags made in the above video:
Thanks for joining me today and taking a look at my first video! I look forward to making the next one :)


  1. Love seeing your creative process, with the mists Ashli! The result on the tags is really fun!

  2. This is terrific!!! I actually really like the one that you didn't like the best =) I love the swirls and the colors, so pretty. I love all the tags and seeing your process is just fantastic!

    Can't wait to see this on a LO. Blessings ~~ dawn

  3. Love your video, to see you in action. Keep them comming!! Sofia

  4. Really enjoyed the video! It was great seeing every step of your process.

  5. Ashli, it was so much fun watching you work through the process. Love seeing how you play! Congrats on your first video!!

  6. So glad to see you jump into doing the video! Superb process girlie!

  7. You make this look so much fun. I play sometimes but then I never know how to use them so I am really looking forward to your next video.

  8. Love the video! And the inky play! Great job :)!!!!

  9. Lots of fun, colorful play, Ashli. Love the end result!

  10. Watching you play was so much fun! Thank you for the video. I learned a few things that I'm hoping to have time to try very soon. You rock. (I'm gonna pin this, too!)

  11. Fun, fun, FUN!!! Love your blog and added you to my list of blogs on my dashboard, thanks to a link at May Flaum's blog. Great stuff and I see why she loves your blog!!!!

  12. I loved reading all about your mists. I think I bought way too many early on because I was using them to make cards for my Etsy shop. Now they mostly just sit there but I do love using them as watercolors since their is no guesswork in the color.

  13. i like the idea of layering opaque and transparent pieces. thanks for the video ashli! i've often wanted to see your process. :)

  14. Fabulous tag - and such a wonderful video seeing you play! I'm so inspired now to just go and have some inky painty fun. Thank you so much!
    Alison x

  15. I'll be waiting for info about Dylusions White - I hate it when calico's white spray rubs off.

  16. Very interesting, thank you !
    Beautiful tags.

  17. Totally love your work! Beautiful tags!

  18. So inspiring Ashli. Love your use of gesso and the idea of reusing the DP bottle. Hugs, Jenny x

  19. Well worth watching :)and fab end results :)
    Von ☺


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